Hughes Supply in Louisville, KY is your source for the Consumer Reports’ top rated RUUD air conditioner/heat pump systems. We supply all your equipment needs from contractor grade 13 Seer systems all the way up to 20 ton Commercial systems. We are also your one stop for every supply and accessory need you may have. We stock high quality parts and supplies from Gree, Diversitech, Honeywell, Hart & Cooley and many more. We can be your partner in job specification and help you develop sales strategies for your residential business to grow sales and profit.

If you become a RUUD dealer and a partner with Hughes Supply, we can introduce you to the following programs, either all or in part, to help solidify your position in your market and drive customers towards your company.


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DesignStar Load Calculator


RUUD ProPartner Program


RUUD Academy Educational Opportunities


Seasonal Programs & Promotions


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